Medaille Announces COVID-19 Vaccine Challenge Incentive: Students Can Unlock Up to $30,000 in Awards & Scholarships

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Medaille Announces COVID-19 Vaccine Challenge Incentive: Students Can Unlock Up to $30,000 in Awards & Scholarships

Posted by Medaille University Office of Communications

Unlock Up to $30,000

As a component of Medaille College’s participation in the White House COVID-19 College Vaccine Challenge, Medaille has announced an accompanying incentive challenge for all undergraduate, graduate and online students. For this challenge, Medaille students can unlock and receive up to $30,000 in awards and scholarships by submitting COVID-19 vaccination records by Monday, August 9. As more students submit vaccination records, more awards will be unlocked. And, if students reach the 70% participation mark, the College will unlock a $2,500 bonus award from the Medaille College Student Government Association (SGA).

Unlock Up to 30,000 Dollars

• 10% vaccinated = $5,000, (10) $500 awards
• 20% vaccinated = $7,500, (15) $500 awards
• 30% vaccinated = $10,000, (20) $500 awards
• 40% vaccinated = $12,500, (25) $500 awards
• 50% vaccinated = $15,000, (30) $500 awards
• 60% vaccinated = $17,500, (35) $500 awards
• 70% vaccinated = $22,500, (40) $500 awards plus $2,500 bonus award from SGA
• 80% vaccinated = $25,000, (45) $500 awards plus $2,500 bonus award from SGA
• 90% vaccinated = $27,500, (50) $500 awards plus $2,500 bonus award from SGA
• 100% vaccinated = $30,000, (55) $500 awards plus $2,500 bonus award from SGA


All undergraduate, graduate and online students are eligible to participate in the award drawing, as long as they are vaccinated and are registered and attending classes during the fall 2021 semester.

How students can participate:

  1. Get the COVID-19 vaccine.
    • Info on how to make a vaccine appointment can be found on the New York State Department of Health website or by googling “Where can I get a COVID vaccine in my area?” to see local pharmacy, chain store and other locations.
  2. Complete the Student COVID-19 Vaccination Verification Form by August 9.
    • If a student is only partially vaccinated by this date (have only received one dose of a two-dose shot), they are still eligible and should still submit their vaccine progress.
    • If a student has already completed this vaccine verification form, they do not need to submit it again to be eligible for the drawing. 
  3. Attend classes during the fall 2021 semester. 

The $500 award winners will be randomly selected in a drawing comprised of all student participants, and the awards will be distributed through the Student Accounts Office after the add/drop deadline for the fall 2021 semester. If a student has an amount due on their account, the award will be counted as a scholarship that is automatically applied toward that balance. If a student’s account is current, the award money would be disbursed as a direct check to the student recipient.  

Medaille College thanks its students, faculty and staff for their participation and support, as we continue to work together to keep our campus community safe in anticipation of enjoying an academic year filled with a full, vibrant range of student life and activities.

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