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Becoming the BEST Candidate
Posted by Liz Mantel
July 8, 2020

In today’s competitive job market, the smallest detail could be the difference between getting hired and getting overlooked. Making sure you are prepared and confident at each step begins with knowing the ins and outs of the hiring process. Take a listen as an expert shares detailed tips and tricks to make sure you stand out as the best candidate for the job from start to finish

Good Neighbors: Stories of Hope
Posted by Liz Mantel
June 3, 2020

When it seems like everything is going wrong, sometimes it only takes one sign of hope to bring us out of the dark or to help motivate us to do better and be better. At a time when the world and individual communities are being tested in ways they never have been before, Western New York has shown why it is called the City of Good Neighbors. Hopefully these heartwarming community stories arising from the pandemic will help inspire you.

You Have Permission
Posted by Liz Mantel
April 8, 2020

While this episode was recorded before the COVID-19 global pandemic, it very much applies to today’s environment. With so much loss around us — loss of jobs, loss of daily social contact, loss of normalcy and loss of lives — we are all grieving, even though we are all grieving differently. Hopefully this episode will not only bring you clarity but will also bring you comfort.

Calm Amid The Chaos
Posted by Liz Mantel
April 1, 2020

Maintaining mental and emotional wellness during uncontrollable times can be very difficult. This episode offers tips and tools to help manage and cope with the anxiety we may feel from the effects of the global pandemic. As we navigate this unprecedented situation, it is increasingly important to utilize emotional awareness and intelligence, for your own well-being and for those around you.

Parenting Through a Pandemic
Posted by Liz Mantel
March 25, 2020

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, Life Well Learned has shifted our focus to the pressing concerns and issues we now all share. While there are unknowns we are facing as a world, we can come together to help each other navigate through our new normal reality. Most families now live, work and learn under the same roof. Making sure your child stays on their educational track can be super stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. Learn how to come out on the other side successfully in the latest episode!

Stressing About Stress
Posted by Liz Mantel
March 18, 2020

While we recorded this episode months ago, we feel that given our current health climate, it is especially vital for the wellbeing of our community. While there are unknowns we are facing as a world, what we all have in common is the challenge of navigating our emotional response to it. Hopefully learning how your body works in relation to stress might help you manage it a little better as we navigate these uncharted waters.

Working (Out) 9 To 5
Posted by Liz Mantel
March 4, 2020

Generally speaking, most people know that when we are more active and eat right, we are healthier. When this same thought process is shifted to the workplace, we see the same results in our coworkers and employees. Workplace wellness programs are a growing trend in America, and that’s because they work. When wellness programs are implemented on a company-wide basis, employees are healthier, happier and more productive. Moreover, the investments companies are making in these programs are actually helping their bottom line.

Making Cents Of It
Posted by Liz Mantel
February 19, 2020

Everyone has probably worried at some point about the future and being able to retire. Do I make enough? Am I saving enough? Where do I invest? How do I invest? All valuable questions, so let’s start in one place – the 401(k). Understanding how a 401(k) works could lead you to make changes to your current contribution level, investments or other options related to your account. This podcast will help break down some of the more complicated ins and outs of the 401(k), and will help you plan for a more secure retirement, whenever that times comes.

Don't Be A Jerk
Posted by Liz Mantel
January 29, 2020

Adapting is something we do every day. But, what if I told you that one word could make adapting easier for everybody in any given situation? Take a listen…

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