Institutional Review Board (IRB)

Institutional Review Board (IRB)

Medaille College Institutional Review Board

The Medaille College Institutional Review Board (IRB)

The Medaille College Institutional Review Board is registered with the United States Department of Health and Human Services, Office for Human Research Protections.

The Medaille College IRB recommends that applicants consult the Medaille College IRB Policies and Procedures Manual for additional details on the information provided here.


What is the Medaille College IRB?
The Medaille College Institutional Review Board is a committee designated to review, to approve the initiation of, and to conduct periodic review of research involving human participants (sometimes referred to as human subjects). The primary purpose of such review is to ensure that necessary steps are taken to protect the rights and welfare of all human participants involved in research conducted at the College or by members of it.


Who needs IRB approval?
Anyone conducting research with human participants (i.e., human subjects) requires IRB approval.

Research: a systematic investigation designed to develop knowledge that can be generalized.

Human participant (or subject): a living individual about whom an investigator (professional or student) conducting research obtains data through intervention or interaction with the individual, or through identifiable private information.

If you plan to present, publish, or otherwise share results of a research study involving human participants, you will need IRB approval.


How do I obtain IRB approval for my research?
You will need to submit a Medaille College IRB Application to the Medaille College IRB for their review and approval. Please review the Medaille College IRB Policies and Procedures Manual before completing the form.


When does the Medaille College IRB meet?
The Medaille College IRB meets during the third week of the month. If you would like to have your IRB application reviewed during a particular month, your finalized application should be submitted no later than the first day of that month.


How long will it take to receive a decision on my study?   
This depends on a variety of factors, including the completeness of the submitted application, the type of proposed research, and the complexity of the proposed research. The IRB will generally issue its initial decision (e.g., approving the proposed study, requiring modifications/revisions before granting approval of the proposed study, or rejecting the proposed study) within four to six weeks of receiving the initial IRB application and all required supporting materials. Studies requiring modifications/revisions will take longer.


Required Ethics Training
For any IRB application to be considered by the Medaille College IRB, all individuals named on the application are required to have successfully completed an online training focused on ethical considerations important to the conduct of research with human participants. This “ethics training” can be completed through the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative, or CITI, program. View instructions for creating a CITI account and accessing CITI’s ethics training course. Be sure to follow these instructions carefully so that you can access and complete the required ethics training course through CITI, free of charge. Proof of ethics training (i.e., a CITI Completion Report) must be included for every member of the research team when submitting an application to the Medaille College IRB for review. IRB applications cannot be reviewed until the IRB has received documentation of ethics training for every individual listed on the application.


IRB Forms

Medaille College IRB Application 
This is the official IRB application form that must be completed in order to request permission to conduct research involving human participants.

Faculty Advisor Sign-Off
Students conducting research must have their faculty advisor review their completed IRB application and supporting materials and then complete and sign this Faculty Advisor Sign-Off Form. The student must scan this form and include it as an attachment when submitting their final IRB application package for review.

Amendment Request
This form is used to request a revision or modification to a currently active research protocol that previously received approval through the Medaille College IRB. Amendments can be requested at any time during the approval period.

Study Extension Request
This form is used to request an extension for currently active research. This form should be completed and submitted to the IRB one month prior to the research study expiration date. 

Study Completion
This form must be submitted when all aspects of the research have concluded. This means that data collection has ceased, participants are no longer being recruited or enrolled, no further contact/follow-up with participants is necessary, data are no longer being coded, and analysis of personally identifiable data is complete. 

Research Involving Vulnerable Populations
his form must be included when the proposed research will involve a group of participants who may be vulnerable to coercion or undue influence and/or who are considered part of a protected/vulnerable population. Please see the Medaille College IRB Policies and Procedures Manual (available for download below) for important information on conducting research with such participants.


IRB Resources

Medaille College IRB Policies and Procedures Manual
If you are planning to conduct research involving human participants, please consult this manual before completing your Medaille College IRB Application Form. This manual contains detailed information on important IRB application requirements, review procedures, timelines, etc.


Medaille College IRB Members

  • Lesley Capuana
    Assistant Professor, Department of Social Sciences, Communication & Sport Studies,
    IRB Chair
    Office: M206
    (716) 880-2451
    ##### ####
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  • Tanisha Joshi
    Director of Clinical Training, PsyD program in Clinical Psychology, Department of Counseling & Clinical Psychology
    Office: 103H
    (716) 880-2629
    ##### ####
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  • Gautam Sarkar
    Assistant Professor the Practice of Chemistry, Department of Science, Mathematics & Technology,
    Co-Director, Honors Program
    Office: SC207
    (716) 880-2301
    ##### ####
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