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Student Government Association (SGA) of Medaille College

Medaille University Student Government Association (SGA)

Medaille College SGA Student Clubs and OrganizationsMedaille SGA is a great way for students from all different backgrounds to come together and make Medaille a better community!

SGA President Ashley Catio

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Feedback for SGA

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Leave a note below and we’ll check it out! You can leave a comment anonymously, or you can include your name and email for us to reply to you.

SGA Members

SGA Members 2021-22

Ashley Catio, President

Gavin Janas, Vice President  

Kevin Cashdollar, Treasurer

Taylor Chauhud, Secretary

Leya Slade, Programming Coordinator

Baylee Romano

Henry Allen

Jessica Elston

Xaneya Thomas

Riley Fay

Kristyn Clare

Haley Kennedy

About Us

SGA Mission

We, the Student Government Association of Medaille College, are the official representative voice of the student body. We bridge the communication between students and the collective Medaille community by creating opportunities for student engagement and facilitating a positive college experience.


What We Do

The primary purpose of this organization shall be to serve as the official representative organization of the student body; to serve as the liaison between the student body and faculty, administration, and the Office of Student Development; to preserve and enhance the projects and activities which contribute to the quality of student life; to supervise student organizations and student activities on campus with the assistance of the Student Involvement Center; to protect the rights of the student as defined within the student handbook; and promote the general welfare of the student body. It is for the pursuit of these goals and for the promotion of the general welfare of the student body, that the students, with the consent and authorization of the President of Medaille College, establish this constitution.

Download the SGA Constitution



Meetings are held every Monday when undergraduate day classes are in session, at 12:35 p.m. in the Student Development Office, in the Sullivan Center.



In Student Government committees make it easier for members to specialize in a specific set of tasks. There is something for everyone!

Campus Improvements Committee
The Campus Improvements Committee looks for opportunities to make changes and improvements on campus in order to improve campus life at Medaille. We collaborate with other departments and campus stakeholders while examining technology, food services, and physical campus improvements or updates.


Diversity and Inclusion Committee
The Diversity and Inclusion focuses on the equality and inclusion for all students of Medaille University. Creating a safe campus environment for students to be able to thrive and flourish.


Programming Committee
The Programming Committee is responsible for events and activities on the behalf of the Student Government Association. You will see our members working hard around campus ensuring a fun and safe environment for students to enjoy. Programming Committee puts on events like the Medaille Men’s Pageant, Eggstravaganza, and Mavsfest.


Public Relations Committee
The Public Relations Committee keeps the student body informed about SGA and club events and announcements. We post frequently to spread the word about campus events, report feedback from the student body, and engage with the Medaille community through social media.


Sports Committee
The Sports Committee focuses on supporting all our many athletic teams here at Medaille. Athletics is a big part of Maverick life. Showing our athletes love whether it is a tailgate or a bake sale to support a great cause this team shows us the true spirit of being a Mav!


Upcoming Events

Student Programming Events List

Saturday, August 29 | 8:00 am - 7:00 pm
Friday, October 30 | 12:00 pm - 3:00 pm
Wednesday, November 18 | 11:30 am - 1:30 pm
Thursday, November 19 | 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm
Wednesday, January 20 | 8:00 am - 4:00 pm
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