Medaille University & Trocaire College Announce Signing of a Cooperative Agreement

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Medaille University & Trocaire College Announce Signing of a Cooperative Agreement

Posted by Medaille University Office of Communications

Medaille University and Trocaire College

12 – 18 Month Transition Anticipated 

After several months of negotiations, the Board of Trustees at Trocaire College and Medaille University announced the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that sets in motion a cooperative agreement that would fulfill the missions of both institutions into the future.

“Institutions of higher education across the region and nationally have been significantly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, and in Western New York, this has been exacerbated by declining birth rates and demographics in which there are simply fewer people attending college,” says Trocaire College President Bassam Deeb, Ph.D. “As a result, the Trocaire College Board of Trustees in 2019 directed me to explore potential collaborations and strategic alliances with other institutions of higher education, and we have engaged in a number of conversations and meetings about potential collaborations, leading to today’s announcement with Medaille University.”

“There are complementary non-overlapping academic offerings between both institutions providing a full range of higher education credentials, including certificate, associate, baccalaureate, master’s and doctoral level,” says Medaille University Interim President Lori Quigley, Ph.D. “This combination of professional programs in health care, along with experiential learning and professional training in education, business and social sciences, is a tremendous foundation and synergy for success, allowing both institutions to serve their student populations.”

Discussions between the two institutions of higher education began in October 2021. Committees comprised of trustees from Trocaire and Medaille were formed as part of the process to negotiate and review respective operations, financial information, campus infrastructure and other considerations. 

While Trocaire and Medaille have signed a cooperative agreement, there are a number of steps that will take place in the anticipated timeframe of approximately 12 to 18 months for the agreement to be finalized, including approvals from various accreditors and regulators.

“The real work begins now, as we start the process of transparently engaging stakeholders from Trocaire and Medaille as we work toward fulfilling this mission,” says Dr. Quigley.

“There is a lot of information we need to assess in order to answer questions that invariably are going to be asked, and in particular, from students at both institutions,” says Dr. Deeb. 

About Trocaire College
Founded in 1958 in Buffalo, NY, by the Sisters of Mercy, Trocaire College is a private, career-oriented Catholic college that strives to empower students toward personal enrichment, dignity and self-worth through education. Trocaire offers bachelor’s degrees, associate degrees, certificates and workforce development programs in healthcare, business, hospitality and technology. Recognizing the individual needs of a diverse student body, Trocaire College provides life learning and development within a community-based environment, preparing students for service in the universal community. Visit for more information.

About Medaille University
Medaille University provides a personalized learning experience to its diverse student body of traditional undergraduate and post-traditional graduate students. Medaille students engage in a high-impact, experiential educational process that prepares them for the workplace. Medaille also offers the most athletic programs of any college or university in Western New York, and is a leader in offering a robust suite of online programs. 

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