Program of the Month Q&A: MBA Adjunct Professor and Alum Carrie Grant ’17

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Program of the Month Q&A: MBA Adjunct Professor and Alum Carrie Grant ’17

Posted by Medaille College Office of Communications

Carrie Grant ’17 “After receiving my MBA, my whole career path changed.”

After earning her own MBA (master of business administration) from Medaille College in 2017, Carrie Grant ’17 became a business manager and HR supervisor, contributing to the management of several companies including FARM marketing and advertising, Pathfinder (a business intelligence company) and Clarksburg Cider (a startup cidery that will be opening later this year). She also came around full circle, currently teaching leadership, management and HR courses in the MBA and undergraduate business programs as an adjunct professor at Medaille.

Here, Grant describes her own career path and experience in the MBA program, as well as how she uses that insight, along with real-world business examples, to enhance the content of the courses she teaches.


What is your career background, both prior to and after earning your MBA?

Prior to obtaining my MBA at Medaille, I worked in the nonprofit sector as a director. After receiving my MBA, my whole career path changed. I am now a business manager and HR supervisor, and some of my core responsibilities involve employee coaching, managing insurance, managing corporate culture, contract management, rules and regulations in NYS, recognizing root cause of problems and solving them, satisfaction surveys and 360 evaluations.


What led to your decision to enroll in the MBA program at Medaille?

I pursued my MBA to open more doors and possibilities in the professional world. My life changed after receiving my MBA from Medaille, and the opportunities I now have for career choices and advancement are a direct result of completing the program. My only regret is not doing it sooner!


How did your MBA education impact you personally or professionally?

Going to Medaille changed how I interact with my peers at work. In particular, I remember several classes I took with Associate Professor Bill Weeks that truly shaped the way I approach work, the way I interact with employees, and how I understand the culture of an organization and how to change it if needed.


How would you describe the value of an MBA degree in today’s world?

While some contend that an MBA is not as valuable as it once was, I can personally attest to the fact that the variety of classes and knowledge that come from completing the MBA program lead to a deeper level of understanding across many sectors of a typical business. I understand what accounting does, just as well as I understand the role of HR or marketing.


What do you think makes Medaille’s MBA program unique or different from other similar programs?

One of the most attractive things to me about Medaille’s MBA program is the flexible scheduling options, like the format of class being held only one night per week. It was easy to just have to go to the campus one week night, instead of all day on a Saturday like other colleges in the area offer. I was able to work full time and earn my MBA, while still having time for family.


How does your career experience affect your perspective as a professor or influence the content of the classes you teach?

One of my favorite things about Medaille was that all the professors brought real-world experience and examples to the classroom. I now offer that same experience to students, where we can learn from one another about what is going on in the professional world in real time and learn the best tools to deal with challenges.


What is one main piece of advice that you give to your students (or that you would give to those who are interested in earning an MBA)?

Anyone who is considering going back to school for an MBA should be ready for hard work, but know that it will pay off! Surround yourself with cheerleaders! Get your friends and family on board and behind you, and you will be successful.


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