Medaille College Celebrates Another Year of Science in Bloom

Science in Bloom Dinner This past Friday, Medaille College students, faculty and staff came together with students and families from the Valley Community Center to celebrate yet another year of Science in Bloom.

Science In Bloom (SIB) is based on Benjamin Bloom's Taxonomy of Learning and focuses on the cognitive level of learning, which includes knowledge, comprehension and critical thinking. The program aims to foster a lifelong interest in science and allows students to develop a contextual understanding of science using a continuum of learning experiences that engage students in scientific inquiry.

The program takes place on Medaille's Buffalo campus and at the Valley Community Center (VCA), exposing VCA students to four STEM areas. Biology/Dissection involves open-inquiry dissection projects. VCA youth dissect specimens, journal, develop questions and discuss answers under Medaille students’ guidance.

General Chemistry exposes VCA youth to conventional laboratory techniques and experiments are designed by Medaille students. Students collect both qualitative and quantitative data and organize, discuss, and interpret it. Botany, held on-site at the VCA, utilizes the Valley’s Nature Park & Habitat Trail as an “outdoor living classroom.” The trail, which connects back to the Buffalo River, is home to both indigenous and invasive species of plants. Students learn about their natural environment with Medaille student mentors and journal their observations. In Molecular Biology, Medaille student mentors create a CSI-type lab experiment for the VCA youth to participate in. Given a “crime” and clues from Medaille students, VCA youth deduce the culprit through a series of experiments including DNA sequencing.

VCA students and their parents will tour Medaille and will meet with personnel from admissions and financial aid to increase awareness of college as a viable option in a year-end celebratory event. In Science in Bloomaddition, an upcoming week-long “Strategies For Success” summer camp will focus on utilizing skills the youths have learned throughout the year.

Medaille students will be primarily responsible for planning the lab content. They will serve as mentors to the VCA youth and will design and administer pre- and post-tests.

The timetable for the project is September through June, with two eight-week modules of each activity per semester (e.g., Chemistry is held for eight weeks in the fall and spring). Each individual session will be approximately two hours long. Youths will participate in the same activity for both the fall and spring sessions, allowing for skill building.
SIB is the only program of its kind in WNY and is unlike anything youths are participating in during the regular school day.
Science in Bloom attendees pose for a group photograph
Science in Bloom attendees pose for a group photo
Science in Bloom group photo
Science in Bloom group photograph
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