A Message to the Medaille Community

Dear Medaille College Community,
This past week has been difficult for our entire Medaille Community. Sadly, a friend and Medaille student passed away. This was followed by an unrelated threat to the campus that necessitated an evacuation and created a tremendous amount of stress for all of us.
During times like these, I am grounded by the Medaille College values that we created three years ago. In particular, I think of our shared value of “Community” — “We value community as a coming together of diverse individuals who endeavor to create an inclusive, supportive and collaborative society.”
In recent days, I have seen tremendously moving examples — large and small— of this community in action.
On behalf of all of us at Medaille, allow me to again express my heartfelt condolences to the family and loved ones of our recently passed friend. Losing a member of our campus community is devastating, and it affects each and every one of us. We will not forget her spirit and I can see that, already, people across campus are doing what they can to help.
I saw this same commitment to caring during and after the recent threat to the College. Thank you to all of our students, faculty and staff for so quickly responding to the closing announcement, and for reacting with resolve and patience. Ensuring the safety of everyone on campus is our greatest concern, and I truly appreciate your understanding.
Because both situations are matters for the Buffalo Police; and because, in the case of our friend’s  passing, there are family wishes to respect, there will be very little that we will be able to share going forward.
It is important for all of us to realize that the impact of these events will linger. The loss of a friend and community member, followed soon after by an outside threat, is extremely traumatic. Feelings of fear, sadness, anxiety and depression can follow. I want to remind students that free and confidential counseling services are available to all of you. Our Student Counseling Center is located in the Wellness Center at 117 Humboldt on our Buffalo campus, and students can also call (716) 880-2339. You can find more information or schedule an appointment any time by visiting www.medaille.edu/student-faq/wellness-center/counseling-services.
Remember that none of you are alone. We are one community, and we are all Mavericks. Medaille is committed to providing all level of quality, accessible support services to our students, faculty and staff, now and in the future and, above all, a safe environment for us to learn together as a community.
Thank you again for your time and your trust.
 Dr. Kenneth M. Macur signature
Dr. Kenneth M.  Macur

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