Veterans Day 2018: Meet Medaille Student and U.S. Airman Kenneth Chudoba

As Medaille honors all veterans and active members of the military on Veterans Day 2018, the College would like to share the story of a current student and active member of the United States Air Force, Kenneth Chudoba.


Can you tell us a bit about your background?

I am a 2007 graduate of Lancaster High School. I joined active duty Air Force shortly after, and have been in the Air Force ever since. I am currently a Munitions Material Section Chief stationed at Fairchild Air Force Base in Spokane, Washington. I oversee daily operations covering the munitions stockpile assigned to my base. I have been stationed in Louisiana, South Korea, South Carolina and Washington, with several temporary duties and deployments in between.


How has Medaille made it possible for you to continue your education while continuing to serve in the military?

Attending Medaille while also serving in the Air Force has been simple due to the help of professors and administrators. The military can present unique circumstances for my schedule, but Medaille has been flexible enough to accommodate me when I've needed help. Since I'm originally from Buffalo, I wanted to keep close to my roots, even now that I am stationed in Washington State. Pursuing my bachelor of business administration (BBA) degree online gives me the flexibility I need with my dynamic work schedule. I love how Medaille doesn't treat me any differently from other students, unless I need assistance when my military duties present problems. Advisors collaborate with me to develop solutions to stay on track for my education goals.


What made doing both at the same time appealing to you?

I've attended several universities throughout my military career, but I needed something solid. I returned from a deployment to Afghanistan in 2015, and read an article about Medaille offering online programs. I thought this would be an excellent chance for me to gain my education from a respected institution. Also, I have friends and family who graduated from Medaille. I was looking for a way to make my transition from active duty to the civilian sector seamless. Having “Medaille College graduate” on my resume will help me show future employers that I pushed myself to earn a degree through hard work and dedication.


What are your plans for the future?

I am in my final class right now with an expected graduation date of December 2018. I will be separating from the Air Force in 2019 and joining my wife in Pullman, Washington, where she is a clinical psychology Ph.D. student at Washington State University. I will be looking for opportunities in human resources. Within the next five years, my wife and I plan on relocating back to Western New York to be near friends and family.


To learn more about educational options for active military and veterans, visit

Medaille is also pleased to announce a new scholarship opportunity for United States veterans. The McShane Services LLC Scholarship was established this year by an alum of the College and veteran of the United States Navy, Patrick Johnson ’17.  For more information, call Medaille Director of Philanthropy Jeanine Purcell at (716) 880-2259.

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