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This summary is meant to provide a general overview of the benefits offered to all regular full-time and ten-month employees of Medaille College.

Medical and Dental Insurance

All full-time employees have the option of joining the medical and dental plan offered by the College. Currently, participating employees are provided either individual or family medical benefit insurance coverage. The College currently pays a portion of the premium and the employee pays the remaining portion. Included in the medical package are prescription and dental coverage.

Medical coverage is offered through Blue Cross Blue Shield. Dental coverage is offered through Lincoln Life and Annuity Company of New York.

Medaille College Medical Plan – POS 198 SBC – Summary Plan Description PDF

Medaille College Medical Plan – POS 7298 SBC – Summary Plan Description PDF

Medaille College Dental Plan –Summary Plan Description PDF

Flexible Spending Plan

This plan allows a full-time employee to have amounts withheld from their paychecks and paid into "spending accounts." The contributions set aside into these accounts are tax-free and can be used to reimburse the employee for qualifying expenses.

Reimbursement Account Enrollment Form PDF

Supplemental Insurance

Supplemental insurance (cancer, personal sickness, and/or accident) is a voluntary benefit offered to all regular full-time and ten-month employees.

Group Life Insurance

Group life insurance (with an accidental death and dismemberment clause) is fully paid by the College for all full-time employees. The amount of insurance is equal to twice the employee’s annual compensation. The maximum value of the benefit is $200,000.

Long Term Disability

After three (3) months of continuous service, regular full-time employees and ten-month employees are provided long-term disability insurance benefits at no cost to the employee.

Retirement Plans

To assist employees in providing for their retirement years, the College sponsors a 403(b) retirement plan.

Plan participation is optional for employees. All regular full-time employees and ten-month employees are eligible to participate immediately. After one (1) year of service, participants are eligible to receive a matching contribution from the College in an amount, if any, determined by the College on an annual basis.

Medaille College 403(b) Plan – Summary Plan Description PDF

Medaille College 403(b) Plan – 2015 Summary Annual Report PDF

Tuition Waiver

Regular full-time employees, ten-month employees, and their dependent children, as qualified under financial aid regulations are eligible for a full tuition waiver less the amount of grants. Spouses are eligible for a tuition waiver of six (6) credit hours per semester less the grants.

New employees, upon completion of six months of continuous service, are eligible to utilize the tuition waiver benefit.
Employee Tuition Waiver Procedures and Form PDF

Tuition Exchange Programs

Medaille College participates in two Tuition Exchange Programs that allow the dependents of eligible employees to participate in tuition remission.

These programs are as follows:

  1. The Council of Independent Colleges (CIC).
  2. Tuition Exchange (TE).

These programs can be utilized only by the dependents of full-time employees as qualified under financial aid regulations.

Dependent juniors in high school that are interested in utilizing either of these programs are encouraged to begin the application process early.  Each school has that school’s own deadline and the more competitive the school, the earlier the deadline.

All recipients must apply for Financial Aid by completing a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), which is available in the Financial Aid Office.  Acceptance into the program is at the discretion of the participating College.  Each College within the network agrees to import a limited number of students per academic year. One program may have more stringent criteria than another, and limitations may be warranted.

For criteria and to determine eligibility, the employee should contact the Financial Aid Office.

A current list of all participating Colleges and Universities is available on the College’s website.

Service Recognition

Employees who have twenty (20) or more years of service will be appropriately recognized.

Employee Services

  • ATM - For the convenience of the Medaille Community, and ATM is located in the Kevin Sullivan Campus Center opposite the Bookstore.
  • College Store - The College Bookstore is operated as a service to the entire College Community.
  • Food Service - A cafeteria located in the Kevin Sullivan Campus Center is available for all employees.
  • Library - Employees are invited to use the facilities of the College Library. The professional library staff is ready at all times to assist you.
  • Weight Room/Indoor Running Track - Faculty and staff may use the weight room facilities and indoor running track according to regulations.


Full-time ten-month employees shall receive any of the above holidays that fall during their 10-month employment period.
New Year’s Day
Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
Presidents’ Day
Good Friday
Memorial Day
Independence Day
Labor Day
Fall Break
Thanksgiving Day
Christmas Day
However, out of necessity, certain offices may be required to be open.  Please check with your immediate supervisor.


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