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About Pathways

The Pathways program at Medaille College is an educational and supportive mentoring program for first-year students. Pathways aims to build a clear and unobstructed path to directly connect students to support services. Pathways students are connected with a professional academic coach and peer mentor during Pathways Orientation. The Academic Support Center provides events, workshops, and other resources to Pathways students to promote success and grow the Pathways community during their first year at Medaille College.

Only students who are enrolled in INT 105 are eligible for the Pathways program.



  • There are over 150 students who are part of the Pathways community! You can find us on Facebook!

  • Students who meet with their coach and mentor, use Pathways resources, and attend Pathways events are more likely to succeed at Medaille College.

  • Students will take a learning styles inventory that will tell them their preferred learning style and use that to develop studying strategies.

  • Students enrolled in INT105 will meet regularly with their Pathways Coach as a graded assignment.

  • Students earn Pathways Perks for participating in events and activities. These can be redeemed for prizes throughout the semester.



Pathways Coaches are experts in how to succeed at Medaille College. You and your coach will discuss what success means to you and help you create goals you care about. You will meet with your coach at least five times during the Fall and Spring semesters. Meeting with your coach will help you stay on track with your GPA and adjust to college life.


How to Get Involved

Each semester the Pathways program puts on a series of workshops and events ranging from mixers to themed events depending on the semester. This is a great way to get involved! You can also apply to be a Peer Mentor! Our Peer Mentors serve a vital role, and we are always looking for new, interested applicants.

Pathways students can be transitioned to a faculty mentor toward the end of their first year. Talk to your Pathways coach about this exciting opportunity!


Peer Mentors

The Peer Mentor program provides personal and academic development and appropriate support services to enable Medaille Pathways students to successfully complete their educational objectives. The program involves the use of upper class students to guide and engage with Pathways students to aid in their success for their first year at Medaille. Peer Mentors are selected for a variety of reasons including academic excellence, involvement on campus, being formerly involved in the Pathways program, and the demonstrated ability to provide mentoring to other students on campus.



  • Communicate with your mentees via email, text, social media platforms, and in person

  • Foster a supportive educational environment for Pathways students

  • Work on a committee of other Peer Mentors to contribute to the mission and success of the program and the Academic Success Center

  • Aid in the outreach to Pathways students by tabling at the Sullivan Center

  • Meet with Pathways mentees one-on-one to discover better ways to provide support

  • Orient and direct Pathways students to appropriate campus resources

  • Develop a positive identification between Pathways students and Medaille College

  • Assist in the creation of workshops pertaining to student success

  • Implement and present various workshops with assigned professional staff member


Appointments can be scheduled in person by visiting the ASC or via our web-based scheduling system. In addition to tutoring appointments, students can also schedule meetings for testing accommodations, Pathways coach meetings, academic coaching, and academic probation, or to meet with any ASC staff member.

Click here to make an appointment

Click here for instructions on how to make an appointment


Monday 8am – 8pm
Tuesday 8am – 8pm
Wednesday 8am – 8pm
Thursday 8am – 8pm
Friday 8am – 4pm
Saturday 10am – 3pm
Sunday Closed

*These are regular hours during the semester. Holiday and Summer hours vary.

**Tutoring for online classes will vary and may be outside of these office hours.


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