Strategic Initiatives: Progress Tracker

Student Experience/Student Success
Innovative Curriculum
Improve the Learning Environment for all Students >
  • Reinstate Freshmen Learning Communities (VPAA) underway (DUE 6/1/17)
  • Raise--internally and externally--awareness and the profile of scholarship at Medaille (Faculty Council Seat) underway (DUE 8/1/17)
  • Strengthen Honors Program (VPAA) underway (DUE 7/1/17)
  • Expand (revisit, rethink, and rejuvenate) EQUIP throughout undergraduate experience (VPAA) underway (DUE 8/15/17)
  • Deliver an innovative curriculum that is responsive to the needs of students (AVPAA-OL) underway (N/A)
  • Strengthen and make more robust the Medaille Summer Bridge Program (AVPSS) underway (DUE 1/1/18)


Foster and Improve Academic Research, Planning and Assessment >
  • Streamline existing academic policies and procedures (VPAA) underway (DUE 8/15/17)
  • Streamline course scheduling based on enrollment needs and to improve recruitment and retention efforts (VPAA) underway (DUE 8/15/17)
  • Maintain institutional accreditation (Middle States) and accreditation of professional programs (CALO) underway (DUE 5/1/17)
  • Establish annual Undergraduate Research Day; mentor students for NCUR; establish annual Graduate Research Symposium; and establish annual Undergraduate Scholarship and Creativity Day (VPAA) underway (DUE 6/1/17)


Engaging Relationships
Create and Sustain Structured Relationships >
  • Develop emerging leaders into the existing Pathways framework as well as transition every Pathways student to a faculty mentor for their sophomore year (AVPSS) underway (DUE 6/1/17)
  • Create a peer mentoring program for all incoming freshmen (AVPSS) underway (DUE 6/1/17)
  • Widen the existing College Relations/Alumni Mentoring Program (AVPSS/VPCR) underway (DUE 7/1/17)
  • Implement the faculty PASS (Program Advocates for Student Support) (VPAA) underway (DUE 6/1/17)


Increase/strengthen engagement opportunities/activities for all students, admit to alum >
  • Build and strengthen the First Year Experience Program (VPAA) underway (DUE 6/1/17)
  • Identify best practices and expand intercultural student interaction (VPSD) underway (DUE 6/1/17)
  • Establish a career services plan for academic career and beyond (VPSD) underway (DUE 6/1/17)
  • Create an alum from day one program (VPCR) underway (DUE 8/1/17)
  • Improve college-wide orientation for all students (VPSD/VPAA) underway (DUE TBA)


Medaille - Great Place to Work
Improve the workplace for all faculty and staff >
  • Improve results in Best Places to Work survey (Staff Council) underway  (Results provided to College February; Staff Council to review thereafter) 
  • Provide professional development opportunities for faculty and staff (VPAA/Dir.HR) underway  (DUE 6/1/17)
  • Raise--internally and externally--awareness and the profile of scholarship at Medaille (Faculty Council Seat) underway  (DUE 8/1/17)
  • Create a safe and supportive workplace (AVPIRP/Dir.HR) underway  (DUE 7/1/17)


Medaille - Community Leader
Establish meaningful relationships in the community >
  • Identify community partnerships to address student wellness needs (VPSD) underway  (DUE 6/1/17)
  • Incorporate a community service component into the existing Pathways framework (AVPSS) underway  (DUE 6/1/17)
  • Establish volunteer opportunities with strategic partners (Employee Engagement) underway  (DUE 7/1/17)
  • Build a stronger community through academic opportunities (VPAA) underway  (DUE 6/1/17)


Enrollment and Marketing
Strong and Diverse Student Body
Increase and Diversify Enrollment >
  • Align UG and A&G recruitment plans and strategic initiatives to enroll students who can be successful (VPEM) underway  (DUE 10/1/17)
  • Provide exceptional customer service to all students (VPEM/VPBF) underway  (DUE 10/1/17 PART 1, 5/1/18 PART 2)
  • Improve the online student lifecycle to enhance program efficiency and effectiveness (AVPAA-OL) underway  (DUE 12/1/17)
  • Increase the number of fully-online programs, diversity of program offerings and concentrations within online programs (AVPAA-OL) underway  (DUE 12/1/17)


Foster a Diverse Educational Environment >
  • Identify and utilize strategies to increase the diversity of faculty and staff (PRES/Dir.HR) underway  (DUE 6/30/17)
  • Provide opportunities and venues for campus stakeholders to learn from diverse others (PRES/VPSD) underway  (DUE 6/30/17)
  • Strengthen/diversify Honors Program, courses to opportunities (VPAA) underway  (DUE 6/15/17)
  • Create a safe and supportive campus environment (AVPIRP/Dir.HR) underway  (DUE 7/1/17)


Student Support
Develop and Implement Early Alert and Outreach >
  • Develop Medallion/predictive analytics to identify students at risk (AVPSS) underway  (DUE 6/1/17)
  • Engage students who are placed on academic alert in Academic Support Center services (AVPSS) underway  (DUE 6/1/17)
  • Establish a robust, for-credit, innovative Medaille Summer Bridge Program (AVPSS) underway  (DUE 1/1/18)


Institutional Internal Investment
Improve and Extend Marketing and the Medaille Brand >
  • Direct marketing dollars towards effective recruitment strategies (VPEM) underway  (DUE 10/1/17)
  • Expand the college’s brand, marketing reach, and programmatic impact both geographically and through new constituencies in existing locations (AVPAA-OL) underway  (DUE 12/1/17)


Monitor and Assess In-House Investment >
  • Improve learning spaces & technologies to create and sustain an academic environment that promotes innovation and scholarship, and through collaboration encourages the exploration and adoption of new teaching tools (VPAA) underway  (DUE 6/1/17)
  • Implement the newly adopted online learning management system, Livetext, to facilitate aggregation of assessment data for accreditation purposes and program improvement (CALO) underway  (DUE 4/1/17)
  • Establish paid Internships to Juniors and Seniors who participate in the Trio Alumni Mentoring program (AVPSS) underway  (DUE 6/1/17)
  • Develop and implement reliable, accessible, secure data warehouse (CIO) underway  (DUE 10/1/17)


Institutional Advancement and Development
Identify and Sustain Friends of the College >
  • Create and implement a board development plan and identify potential key board members (VPCR) underway  (DUE 7/1/17)
  • Develop and implement a pyramid chart of gift strategies for individuals and foundations (PRES) underway  (DUE 7/1/17)
  • Improve annual fund and event revenue (VPCR) underway  (DUE 8/1/17)
  • Create a Government Affairs strategy (VPCR) underway  (DUE 8/1/17)


Identify and Attain Increased Grant Funding >
  • Identify grants that address student funding needs outside of tuition and fees; e.g. books, housing, transportation, legal, and needs for academic supports (VPSD/AVPSS) underway  (DUE 8/1/17)
  • Seek endowments to support faculty scholarship and service (VPAA) underway  (DUE 8/1/17)
  • Establish a Center for Teaching, Scholarship and Learning, designed to facilitate and promote faculty teaching, scholarship and service initiatives (Faculty Council Seat/VPAA) underway  (DUE 11/1/17)