Campus Public Safety Policies

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Campus Public Safety Policies


Smoking Policy - Smoke Free Campus

Smoking Policy – Smoke Free Campus

July 1, 2016 Medaille College’s campuses (Buffalo and Rochester) will be completely smoke free (including vaping). This is a big step for a healthy campus community and its clean air.

RAs and RDs will manage the ban in the residence halls.

Enforcement starts with each person honoring the policy and respecting the desire for all of us to have clean air and a smoke-free environment. If you see someone smoking and feel comfortable doing so, simply tell them that the campus is smoke-free; there’s a good chance they just don’t know. You can also talk with the person’s supervisor or VP if you are uncomfortable addressing the person directly.

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Parking Policy

Parking Information – Parking Permits are renewed every September at the Public Safety Office.  Vehicle Registration must be provided to obtain a valid parking permit. ***Question regarding parking may be addressed with the Public Safety Traffic Officer who is assigned to the front entrance of the campus, while school is in session or call the office at 880-2911.

  1. For academic year 2016 - 2017, all new incoming non-resident freshmen students must park at the auxiliary parking lot located at the Buffalo Zoo, Parkside Avenue and Jewett Parkway. Shuttle service will be provided between the lot and Campus from 7 am - 6 pm Monday - Friday, leaving approximately every 15 minutes. Public Safety Officers will provide security at the Zoo Lot from 7 am - 6 pm or until the last car leaves. Note: After 6 pm on Monday - Friday call Public Safety at 880-2911 for an escort to the Zoo Lot. ***Space permitting, new freshmen and commuter students will be permitted to park on campus after 2:00 pm.
  2. Resident freshman students who wish to have a car on campus must first pay the parking fee at the Student Account Office.  The receipt must be brought to Public Safety along with the Vehicle Registration to obtain the parking permit.
  3. Every Student, Faculty, or Staff member's personal vehicle parked on Campus or at the Buffalo Zoo lot MUST display a valid parking permit. These permits may be obtained from the Public Safety Office.  Student parking permits must be renewed each academic year.
  4. Prior to the issuance of any parking permit, a vehicle registration must be presented.
  5. The Faculty/Staff hanging parking permit shall be hung from the inside rearview mirror in a manner which is readable from the outside of the vehicle. Student stick-on-decals must be affixed to the back of the rearview mirror and be seen from the front windshield.
  6. Parking Permits, with the exception of first time Freshmen Students (Zoo parking) are valid in any legal parking space on campus.   Parking spaces are not guaranteed! Once the lots are full, everyone must park at the Buffalo Zoo lot, Parkside and Jewett Parkway.
  7. Vehicles parked in Handicapped spaces must display a NYS handicapped plate or handicapped tag along with their Medaille parking permit.
  8. Vehicles must park inside the clearly marked parking spaces. Vehicles occupying more than one parking space or parked diagonally will be ticketed.
  9. Parking is not permitted in the following areas:
    • Reserved Office of the President   
    • Delivery/Loading Zones  
    • Visitor Parking    
    • Commercial Vehicles Only       
    • Reserved Residence Life  
    • No Parking Zones
    • No Overnight Parking 11pm-7am November 1 - April 15
    • Near Fire Hydrants      
    • In Fire Lanes
    • No Parking on the GRASS         
    • Reserved College Vans   
    • No Standing Zones
    • Barricaded/Coned off spaces              
  10. Vehicles illegally parked may be towed at the owner's expense. This will include the parking summons, the tow and storage charge.
  11. All bicycles are to be locked in bike racks. Bicycles are not permitted in any of the buildings. You are responsible for securing your own bicycle.

   NOTE: Carefully read traffic signage!   Obey the one-way traffic pattern, stop signs and reduce speed while on the campus grounds. ***The Buffalo Police Department monitors the entrance to the campus and will issue warnings and tickets.



Bus Shuttle Information

For academic year 2016 - 2017, all new incoming freshmen, Commuter Students will park at the auxiliary parking lot located at the Buffalo Zoo, Parkside Avenue and Jewett Parkway.  Shuttle service will be provided between the lot and Campus from 7 am - 6 pm, Monday-Friday leaving approximately every 15 minutes. Public Safety Officers will provide security at the Zoo Lot from 7 am - 6 pm or until the last car leaves.

Note: After 6 pm on Monday - Friday call Public Safety for an escort to the Zoo Lot.
Space permitting, new freshmen and commuter students will be permitted to park on campus after 2:00 pm

Bus Pass Information

"Effective Fall 2012, the College will offer discounted monthly NFTA-Metro passes through the Student Accounts Office, located on the first floor of the Main Building.  You must be a currently enrolled student for that semester. The Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority provides bus and Metro rail (subway) service throughout the Western New York Region.  Their website includes routes and schedules, special services for accessibility, and other essential information." 

Note: Contact the

 Student Account Office at (716) 880 - 2309 for information on obtaining Bus Passes

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Key Control Policy

1. Introduction

As part of Medaille College’s focus on maintaining a secure environment for its personnel while maintaining secure campus buildings, the following document serves as the campus' Key Control Policy. This policy outlines the control, use and possession of keys issued to College personnel for use in College facilities.
These procedures are implemented by the Public Safety and Facilities Departments, working under the direction of the Vice President for Business and Finance.

2. General Policy Provisions

This Key Control Policy is designed to provide both security and access to Campus facilities by campus personnel. Keys issued to campus personnel are the property of Medaille College. As such, unauthorized fabrication, duplication, possession or use of keys to Medaille facilities is prohibited.
All personnel issued Medaille College keys must safeguard those keys at all times. If a key is lost or stolen, Public Safety must be notified immediately so the appropriate security issues can be addressed. In addition, an official Incident Report will be filed.

3. Definitions

Key Request Form – the College form that is required to be filled out and submitted to Public Safety in order to make and issue a key.
Requesting Party – the individual who is in need of the building and/or door key.
Designated Departmental Key Requestor – the person(s) within each department who has been designated by that Department Vice President to request keys. A copy of this list is included within this policy.
Authorizing Vice President – the Vice President of the Department/Division from which the key request is being submitted.
Requested Key(s) – keys covered by this policy include building and office/door keys only. Keys for desks, file cabinets, display cases and other similar items are not covered by this policy – they should be requested by submitted a work order directly to the Facilities department.

4. Key Requests and Issuance Procedures

Keys may be requested for all full-time and part-time personnel for the duration of their employment at the College. The following procedure should be followed when requesting a key:

  1. Obtain and complete the Key Request Form. A copy of the form is attached to this policy. Additionally, a copy can be found here.
  2. Return the Key Request Form to the Designated Department Key Requestor who will finalize form and obtain the Authorizing Vice President signature.
  3. The Designated Department Key Requestor shall send the completed form to Public Safety.
  4. Upon receipt of the Key request Form, Public Safety will make the Requested Key and prepare to issue the key. Please allow up to five (5) working days to complete the key request.
  5. When the Requested Key has been made, Public Safety will contact the Key Requestor that their key(s) is ready. Key Requestors will be required to pick up their key and sign an acknowledgement form at the Public Safety Office, located at 2 Agassiz Circle.
  6. Keys not picked up within 2 weeks of the notification date will be destroyed and the paperwork, with original signatures, will be required to be resubmitted.
  7. All keys are required to be returned to Public Safety prior to an individual’s departure from the College or reassignment within the college. Upon reassignment to another department, no new keys will be issued until the previous keys issued have been returned to Public Safety.

5. General Key and Building Security

  • Key holders shall not loan out their keys to anyone.
  • Key holders are responsible for their keys during the full length of their employment at Medaille College.
  • Key holders shall not unlock buildings or rooms for other person unless the other person has permission to access said areas.
  • For graduate assistants who have been issued keys, student records and registration may be held pending the return of any issued keys at the end of the semester.
  • In the event of lost or stolen keys, please notify Public Safety immediately at 880-2911.
  • If you have questions about the Key Control Policy or need additional information please contact Public Safety at 880-2911.

6. Master and Sub Master Keys

  • All requests for Master or Sub-Master Keys will be reviewed by Public Safety and Operations who will collectively determine if the key request will be approved.
  • Approval is based upon the requestor’s need for immediate accessibility to those areas of the campus. In an attempt to make the campus more secure it is Medaille’s policy to limit the number of Master and Sub-Master Keys distributed.
  • A major component of the Medaille Key Control Plan is the assessment and examination of each College Department, Office and Division, their current key distribution and evaluation of existing needs. This appraisal will be the basis of a systematic re-keying of all Medaille College campuses.


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Parking Ticket Dispute Policy

  1. Anyone with a legitimate reason for not parking legally who wishes to contest the issuance of a Parking Summons must do so in writing within 10 days from the date the summons was issued. NO DISPUTES WILL BE ACCEPTED AFTER 10 DAYS! Forms are available at the Public Safety Office or the Information Office and on the Medaille website.
  2. Public Safety will be available to review and answer disputes Monday – Friday, from 9 am – 3 pm
  3. Tickets can be paid by cash or check at the Public Safety Office, 8am-3pm Mon. - Fri. If paying by Debit or Credit Card payment must be made at the Student Account Office room 130 of the Main Building.
  4. Fines range from $20.00 to $50.00 depending on the violation. Non-payment will result in the fine doubling and a hold will be placed on your account. This hold will result in the violator being unable to register for classes, receive grades and/or transcripts
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Snow Removal Policy

  1. From November 1st - April 15th, "No Overnight Parking" is allowed between the hours of 11:00pm - 7:00am on all Roadways, Front Parking Lot, Admissions House, and the Rear Parking Lot (behind the Main Building from Huber Hall to the roadway alongside of the Sullivan Campus Center) for snow removal.
  2. A snow removal map is posted in each Residence Hall, the Main Building and Campus Center for your information.
  3. Any vehicle found in violation of this policy will be subject to a parking summons and/or towing at the owner's expense.
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Snow Closing Policy

Contact Public Safety

2911 on campus
(716) 880-2911
2 Agassiz Circle

Annual Security and Fire Reports

Includes crime prevention, security procedures, policies, crime reports, and fire safety policies and reports.

Hard copies of these reports are available from the Public Safety office, 2 Agassiz Circle or by calling (716) 880-2911


Emergency Management Documents

Emergency Management Plan

Emergency Management Appendices 

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