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Career Planning

Career Planning

Successful career decision-making involves thinking about your interests, values, aptitudes, and job preferences. We have tools that can help. Need assistance? Schedule an appointment with Career Planning through Handshake.

Career Planning Center
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Majors and Careers - Discover Yourself Land the Perfect Job Employers Recruit Mavericks Here


Majors & Careers


Discover Yourself, Explore Options, Make a Decision, Take Action

Discover Yourself, Explore Your Options, Make a Decision, Take ActionMajors & Careers

Discover Yourself:  skills, likes/dislikes, strengths/weakness
Explore Your Options: learn what's out there
Make a Decision: compare your options and choose your path
Take Action: work toward your goals

The TypeFocus four part assessment offers personalized reports on personality, interests, values, and student success, and how they relate to careers.

Discover Yourself

Discover your perfect career path by using the TypeFocus7 Careers program.

You will learn a lot about yourself and find out which majors at (client’s name) best suit your natural strengths.

Click here to start. Please email Career Planning for TypeFocus access code. Use your access code to register into our newest version of the program.

Click here to login. If you registered before (fill in the date before launching V7) and want to review your files.


Learning more about different majors can help you make a career decision.  

What Can I Do with a Major In ...


Applied Mathematics with Concentrations in Data Science and Actuary


Business Administration 


Criminal Justice

Education - Early Childhood/Childhood Ed (B-6)

Education - Adolescent Ed with Students with Disabilities


General Studies

International Studies

Liberal Studies


Sport Communication

Sport Management

Veterinary Technology 

Areas of Interest


Explore Your Options

Use these free resources to find out more about jobs and careers.  

Resume, Interview and Job Finder Resources
Prepare to land the perfect job with help from the Office of Career Planning!
Find occupations based on bright outlook, career cluster, green economy sector, industry, job family, job zone, or STEM discipline. Search by careers that interest you or via your Strong Interest Inventory type. Find job descriptions, number of jobs in the field, salary information and more! 


Search careers by salaries and benefits, and education and training! 
Plus, find more resume and interviewing advice, and learn about unemployment benefits, state services, employment training, and American job centers.


US Bureau of Labor StatisticsU.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook
Search careers by median pay, education level, type of training, number of jobs projected, and growth rate.


Make a Decision

Now that you’ve discovered your interests and explored some viable options, it’s time to make a decision. What do you want to major in? If you’ve already chosen a major, what area would you like to specialize in? For instance, a business major may choose to concentrate on an area such as marketing, management, human resources, finance, or accounting.


Take Action

Once you've made a decision, it's time to begin working toward your goals. Ask yourself, what steps do I need to take next to succeed? It's wise to create a plan for the future, such as gaining work experience, interning, delving into more research, or taking classes in your area of interest.

Need help? Stop by the Office of Career Planning or call (716) 880-2210 to set up an individual appointment today!


Land the Perfect Job

Land the Perfect Job: Resume & Interview Resources

Looking for help landing the perfect job? You've come to the right place. Medaille University's Career Planning Center offers the tools you'll need to get noticed.

Pre-recorded Job Search workshops can be accessed through your Blackboard account by linking to Career Planning community page. 

Connect with Employers through MavJobs

Develop Your Resume

Craft Your Cover Letters

Master the Art of the Interview

Get Ahead with Graduate School

Job Finder Resources


Connect with Employers through MavJobs (powered by Handshake)

MavJobs Powered by HandshakeWelcome to MavJobs (powered by Handshake)!

MavJobs (powered by Handshake) is an online service that makes it easy for Medaille students and alumni to connect with employers.

MavsJobs (powered by Handshake) shares job recommendations based on your interests, major and skills, so you can explore opportunities that are tailored to you! Students and alumni may complete a profile, detailing work experience, skills, interests and organizations to attract employers and secure jobs or internships. Students and alumni may also use MavsJobs (powered by Handshake) to schedule appointments and register for workshops or events through Career Planning.

Sign up today to start your search!
You can even download the Handshake app to keep up with the latest opportunities, while on-the-go.



Develop Your Resume

What is a resume?

A resume is a personal advertisement of you. It is a summary of your educational background and training, your business or professional experience and qualifications, your achievements and objective.

Medaille University's Career Planning Center is excited to offer SkillsFirst, a resume development program that allows students to develop an effective document for their job or internship search.


Create your resume with SkillsFirst


SkillsFirst is available to current Medaille students. You will need your Medaille email address to register. This service remains available up until six months after graduation. Please ensure that graduation dates in your profile are up-to-date.

  • Over 100 resume samples
  • Resume builder
  • Resume review
  • Scheduled webinars



Craft Your Cover Letters

What are cover letters and why should I write them?

Cover letters are a means of introduction. They are meant to complement your resume and are required with each and every resume you send out. Your cover letter personalizes your resume to the company and position for which you apply.

Together, a well-crafted resume and tailored cover letter present you effectively to a prospective employer. A cover letter, tailored to the specific position and employer, makes it clear you want the job, by not only summarizing your qualifications, but also targeting them toward the employer's needs.

Download our Writing for Work Handbook for more information regarding resume and cover letter writing.



Master the Art of the Interview

Whether you are interviewing for an internship, career, or entrance into a graduate program, the interview process can be very stressful.

It is the first, and sometimes only, impression you have the opportunity to make on the company or organization for which you are interviewing. Preparation is the key to a successful interview. It can be the determining factor to whether or not you get an offer.

Download our Interviewing Handbook for more information.


Interview Checklist
Prior to your interview, be sure you have:

  • Requested a full job description
  • Performed an analysis of your strengths and weaknesses
  • Researched the organization
  • Contacted people you know who work for the organization
  • Rehearsed common interview questions
  • Researched the interviewers
  • A list of questions to ask
  • A general idea of the salary
  • Appropriate interview attire
  • Reviewed your social networking sites
  • Know exactly where you're going:
    • physically (driving directions)
    • career (longterm plans)
  • A good night's sleep prior, for energy and motivation




Get Ahead with Graduate School

What is Grad School?

Graduate school is professional education beyond a bachelor's degree. Master's degrees are available in a great many fields of study, and usually require 36 credit hours to complete. These courses can be taken over a period of approximately two years of full time study, or four to five years of part-time study.


Prepare for Grad School: Timetable

Junior Year, Fall/Spring

  • Research areas, institutions and programs of interest.
  • Talk to advisors about application requirements.
  • Register and prepare for graduate admission tests.
  • Investigate national scholarships.
  • If appropriate, obtain letters of recommendation.

Junior Year, Summer

  • Take required graduate admission test.
  • Write for application materials.
  • Visit institution of interest, if possible.
  • Write your application essay.
  • Check on application deadlines and rolling admissions policy.

Senior Year, Fall

  • Obtain letters of recommendation.
  • Take graduate admissions test, if you haven't already.
  • Send in completed applications.

Senior Year, Spring

  • Register for Financial Aid.
  • Check with school to make sure application is complete.
  • Send Deposit.
  • Send thank-you letters to people who wrote your recommendations, informing them of your success.


Grad School Online Resources

College Journal
Yahoo Grad School Search



Job Finder Resources

Glass Door
Search jobs then look inside. Company salaries, reviews, interview questions, and more – all posted anonymously by employees and job seekers.

Western New York Job Hunting


Resources by Program


Recruit a Maverick

Recruit a Maverick: Employer Resources

Employers, alumni & students, get connected here!


Online Recruitment Through MavJobs (powered by Handshake)

Medaille University uses MavJobs (powered by Handshake) to connect current students and alumni with full-time, part-time, seasonal and internship opportunities. The service is free to all companies/organizations who wish to post with Medaille University. MavJobs (powered by Handshake) allows employers to search for students and alumni who match their hiring needs, as well as collect application materials for postings directly through the website. Register as an employer at MavJobs (powered by Handshake).


On-Campus Recruitment

If you are interested in interviewing on campus, please contact the office, via the below form, with suggested date(s) and requirements. We will handle the details, including advertising, scheduling, collecting resumes, and reminder calls to students. Please give at least three weeks notice. Contact the Career Planning Office for information.

Information Tables

Setting up an information table is a recruitment strategy that provides high visibility, if you are seeking exposure to our current student population. A table will be reserved in the part of campus where students you are targeting are most active. Please try to give at least three weeks notice. Contact the Career Planning Office for details.

We are an Equal Opportunity Employer. Students and alumni will be accepted and assigned to job opportunities and otherwise treated without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, sex, marital status, veteran status or disability, as well as other classifications protected by applicable state or local laws.
Desired Majors (check all that apply)
Requested Date and Time for Visit
We will make every attempt to accommodate your schedule. Please note that Mondays and Wednesdays from 12:30 - 1:30 p.m. is the College’s universal break. You may contact our office at (716) 880-2210 to secure a date prior to completion of the form, if you wish.
First Choice
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Career Planning
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