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Get involved! Make new friends, build leadership skills and have fun! Medaille’s Student Government Association sponsors a variety of clubs to enrich your student experience.

Student Clubs and Activities at Medaille University

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Medaille University Student Clubs

Black Student Union (BSU)
The BSU promotes a better atmosphere for minority students. We ensure all students are treated fairly, educate the community about the culture and heritage of African Americans and promote togetherness and unity within the Medaille University minority community.

Esports Club
Medaille Esports is dedicated to the growth and development of the gaming culture and community at Medaille College through regular programs and events encouraging students to participate, create connections with other students and have new experiences. Visit for more info.

Future Teachers Club (FTC)
FTC is an organization at Medaille University specifically designed to help education majors in any way possible. We have many events throughout the year that consist of informational sessions, student-teacher panels, volunteer events, fundraisers and more!

Gay Straight Alliance (GSA)
Medaille GSA (Gay Straight Alliance) will provide a safe space for everyone regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity. The organization will work to promote LGBTQ+ awareness and rights on campus.

Life Sciences Club
The Life Sciences Club was founded to advise, support and counsel all members of the biology program and science-related disciplines. The club wishes to expose its members to issues relating to the life sciences professions, thus enabling them to plan their professional careers and to become more effective members of their chosen profession.

Mavericks Cheerleading
Mavericks Cheerleading supports Medaille University athletics at all home games and spreads Medaille spirit across campus and among the crowd at athletics events.

Medaille Hockey Club
The Medaille Hockey Club will play other club teams from colleges in and around Western New York. Anyone who enjoys playing ice hockey is welcome to join. Visit for more info.

Medaille Dance Squad (MDS) Step Team
The goal of the MDS Step Team is to encourage, motivate, and tap into abilities of students both artistically and creatively, while also giving them an incentive to be their best both academically and socially. We will also be supportive towards any school activities and athletics.

Medaille Music & Drama (MMD)
MMD provides Medaille students with an outlet to share their creative talents with other community members. Club members will gain further knowledge and experience in music, theater and the performing arts.

Multicultural Club
We allow a safe space for persons of different ethnic backgrounds to come together and discuss political, educational, social, and economic equalities. In doing so, our hope is to eliminate race-based discrimination from our campus, in succession, ensuring the health and safety of all persons on campus.

Paranormal Society
Our mission is to form questions involving paranormal activity and to answer them, as well as to educate others about paranormal history. Throughout the year, we participate in investigations on campus as well as around Western New York.

Photography Club
This club provides an informal, friendly and supportive environment for photographers at all experience levels, and interests in all subject matter. The club fosters and encourages growth of artistic vision and exploring the connection between the eye, the camera and the spirit.

The aim of Prelude is to publish a literary magazine produced by the Medaille University community. Through this magazine, we give students a way to publish their written works and artwork.

Resident Hall Association (RHA)
Resident Hall Association was established to represent resident students and serves to enhance the residential experience. We want to encourage civic engagement while providing support and recognition to all residents. We promote academic, cultural, intellectual and social bonding to help develop students into confident leaders.

Student Alumni Association
This is a great way to connect current students with the ever-growing alumni community. We strive to engage alumni more in the Medaille community and help to maintain their connection to the University by providing a well-rounded schedule of events and activities throughout the year.

Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC)
SAAC is made up of two members from each sports team on campus. We are the medium between athletes and the athletics department. Additionally, we hold events to get student-athletes involved in the community. 

Student Government Association (SGA)
SGA is the official representative voice of the student body. We bridge the communication between students and the collective Medaille community by creating opportunities for student engagement that facilitates a positive college experience.

Vet Tech Club
The Vet Tech Club welcomes all students of Medaille to join an organization that is involved in many activities, promoting education of the public regarding wildlife, pet care and animal husbandry. This organization is dedicated to educating people on the vital role of the veterinary technician.

WMCB/TV is the Medaille University broadcasting central. Operated by the communications department it allows students to gain hands on experience with radio and television broadcasting.

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