Medaille University Emergency Information: Alerts and Contact Information

Emergency Information

Emergency Information

Emergency involving safety, security or criminal activity?


(716) 880-2911

Issue involving sex discrimination, harassment or misconduct?


(716) 880-2203


Sign Up for Emergency Alerts

Medaille has implemented an emergency notification system which sends messages through text/SMS, email and phone call, in the event of a campus closing, general class cancellation or other emergency situation. Students, faculty and staff are advised to keep their contact information up-to-date.

To sign up for emergency alerts or to update the information you have on file, log in to Medaille360. You may be asked for:

Your Medaille University ID number (found on your Medaille ID card)

Your official Medaille University email address

The information collected through the emergency contact form will be used by authorized University personnel in the event of weather-related campus/class cancellations or other situations where time is of the essence. Once per semester, a test alert will be sent to all contact numbers on file. Besides emergency and test alerts, this contact information will not be used for any other purpose. If you wish to unsubscribe from emergency alerts, please log in to Medaille360 and remove your contact information.


Additional Emergency Information

For Faculty
Please review Preparing for an Extended Emergency Facilities Closure (PDF), which outlines the steps to take in the event your class is interrupted for an extended period.

For Students
Please submit a completed Student Contact Information form to each of your instructors so that they may be able to contact you, in the event of an extended interruption in classes.


Flu and Wellness Information
Local, state, federal and international health officials are closely monitoring international reports of Swine Flu cases. Medaille University is also following news accounts and directions from the Erie County Department of Health. Learn more at


Weather Alerts

Buffalo Area Weather Forecast

Rochester Area Weather Forecast


Travel Information

Border Wait Times

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