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English Language Learner (ELL) Program

Medaille English Language Learner Program

Support for Medaille students whose
home language is not English.

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English Language Learner Program
Huber 107E

(inside the Academic Success Center)

Coordinator, English Language Learner Program
(716) 880-2115

About & FAQ

Medaille English Language Learner Program 

Medaille’s English Language Learner (ELL) Program was created to support Medaille students whose home language is not English and to promote equity in learning. The goal of the ELL Program is to provide necessary supports for these students in order to assist them on their path to academic success, to increase retention, and to ensure that they feel they are valued members of the Medaille community.

The ELL Program office works with ELL students on a case-by-case basis to connect them with the supports they need in order to succeed at Medaille. After an initial enrollment form is completed online, the ELL Program Coordinator meets with the student one-on-one to determine which supports best suit their needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible for the ELL Program?
Any currently enrolled Medaille student whose first language is not English may enroll in the ELL Program for their first four semesters of attendance. 

How do I enroll?
Complete the online enrollment form, and the ELL Program Coordinator will email you to set up a time for your one-on-one intake evaluation, where your individual needs will be matched with available supports. 

Once enrolled, do I have to reapply each semester?
Once enrolled, you remain in the ELL Program for up to four semesters. There is no need to re-enroll, however it is mandatory that you meet with the ELL Program Coordinator once at the beginning of each semester of enrollment in order to remain eligible for services. If you fail to respond to communications and meeting requests, you will no longer receive supports (such as testing modifications). It is very important to check your Medaille email regularly and to respond to communications from the ELL Program Office.     

My first language is not English, but I don’t think I need any special supports. Do I have to participate?
The ELL Program is completely voluntary. If you feel that ELL supports are not necessary, there is no need to enroll. If you change your mind, you are still welcome to enroll any time within your first four semesters of attendance.    

Guidelines & Procedures

Guidelines and Procedures for Participation in the ELL Program

  • Participation in the ELL Program is voluntary and open to enrolled and registered ELL students.
  • There are many ELL Program referral routes: Students may self-refer, instructors may refer, TRIO, Say Yes, and HEOP may refer, Academic Advisors may refer, and Admissions may refer.
  • Interested students must first complete the online enrollment form. The student will then be contacted via email by the ELL Program Coordinator to schedule a time to meet and complete an intake evaluation in the ELL Program Office in the ASC. The student’s needs will be evaluated and a determination will be made as to which supports will best suit the student’s needs.
  • The ELL Program Coordinator contacts the participating student’s instructors and provides them with a letter detailing the testing modifications to which the student is entitled, as well as a fillable testing form which they may use when bringing a test or exam to the ASC for their ELL student to complete. This process is similar to that of the Office of Accessibility Services.
  • Students may remain in the program for up to four semesters. The ELL Program Coordinator meets with program participants individually at the beginning of each semester to reevaluate their needs. If a student does not respond to communications from the ELL Program Coordinator, including meeting requests at the beginning of each semester, they will no longer be eligible for testing modifications in their classes.  
Student Support

Current Supports for English Language Learners Include:

  • Access to quiet testing rooms located inside the ASC for both test and exam administration
  • Extended time on tests and exams (1.5x) for the first four semesters of attendance
  • Extended time on timed Blackboard assignments and assessments (1.5x) for the first four semesters of attendance
  • Use of bilingual dictionaries, subject-specific bilingual dictionaries, and/or word-to-word translation only dictionaries on tests and exams
  • Option to have assignment, test, or exam directions read and clarified by their instructor or ASC staff (during test and exam administration) 
  • Availability of English courses with designated sections for ELLs (as well as stacked courses) taught by a licensed, experienced ESOL educator
  • Specialized tutoring upon request (including ESOL and English conversation groups)
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