Student Teaching Placement

Prospective student teachers are required to submit three (3) forms in order to be eligible for student teaching: the Student Teacher Placement Form, Student Teacher Profile, and Student Teaching Release Form. All three documents are due to the Office of Student Teaching/Certification by September 15 for spring semester placements and by February 15 for fall semester placements. Information provided by the student teacher on the placement form are recommendations only. Final decisions about placements are made by the school board/district.

The link to the electronic version of the Student Teacher Placement Form, along with instructions, is sent to students' Medaille email addresses approximately 3 weeks prior to the deadline.

Students may elect to submit the paper copy. The paper copy of the Student Teacher Placement Forms can be found by clicking on the Forms link to the left. Paper forms will need to be brought or faxed to the Office of Student Teaching/Certification (716) 932-2623). This a printable form only and cannot be submitted electronically.

The Student Teacher Profile must be emailed as a Microsoft Word attachment to by the deadline date.


Police Record Check Screening

Canadian Student Teachers

All Canadian education students are required by the Province of Ontario to have a valid full disclosure police record check (PRC) with vulnerable sector screening (VSS) prior to participation in student teaching or any volunteer experiences with children. This document must be dated less than 6 months prior to the start of your student teaching. (If you are student teaching in two different boards, the document must be dated less than 6 months prior to each placement.) Student teachers must be prepared to show verification of the completed police record check on the first day of student teaching.

A few boards have a centralized database of PRC/VSS clearances for that board with specific processes for obtaining your PRC/VSS (i.e., Peel DSB, Toronto DSB, etc.), while other boards require students to have a letter from Medaille College verifying their student status and the need for a PRC/VSS clearance (i.e., Niagara Catholic, DSBN).

Information is regularly sent to students from the Office of Student Teaching/Certification. You may contact the Coordinator of Student Teacher Placements for more information, or contact the police record checks office at their school board(s) to verify the board's process. The PRC/VSS process can take 4-12 weeks depending on the police department, so plan accordingly.

Your completed police record check will be mailed directly to you. It is your responsibility to ensure that your district school board has a copy of your valid police record check. If your school board does not keep a centralized database, you will need to show a copy of your valid document to each of your schools. 

NOTE: Canadian students are required to have a valid PRC/VSS to complete volunteer hours in Canadian schools as part of your early field experiences. However, if your PRC/VSS will be more than 6 months old by the time you begin student teaching, you will need a new police record check completed. This can take 4-12 weeks again, so plan accordingly.

U.S. Student Teachers

All student teachers planning to complete the placement(s) in New York State, must have a completed fingerprint clearance with NYS. This is your criminal background check.

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