Tutoring & Supplemental Instruction (SI)

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Tutoring & Supplemental Instruction (SI)


Supplemental Instruction (SI)

Academic Coaching


The Academic Support Center offers peer and professional tutoring in a full range of subject areas in individual or group sessions. Our trained tutors will provide you with personal attention as you study for tests, write papers and work on research projects. Tutoring sessions are scheduled Monday through Saturday. Please read the tutoring contract before your first appointment. You will be asked to complete the contract at your first appointment.
Tutoring takes place in the Academic Support Center in Huber 107. If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, you can do so online or call the front desk at (716) 880-2214.
Didn’t see the subject you were looking for?  The Academic Support Center will find a tutor!  Just complete this form.
In addition, SMARTHINKING online tutoring is available for all registered students.  SMARTHINKING can be accessed through Medaille360
Study groups for individual classes can be arranged by the ASC. Groups can meet independently for as many times during the semester as group members wish. ASC staff can assist with group activities and lend expertise.


Supplemental Instruction (SI):

The Academic Support Center has identified barrier courses as those courses that have proven to be difficult among students.  Several of these courses although difficult are required courses. These courses have both a high number of tutoring appointments and D, F, W grades. Offering supplemental Instruction (SI) for barrier courses is a proactive intervention that is effective in increasing persistence and retention.  

What is SI?

Supplemental Instruction (SI) is an academic assistance program that utilizes peer-assisted study sessions.  SI sessions are:
  • Regularly scheduled
  • Informal review sessions
  • Facilitated by SI leaders 

What is the purpose of SI?

  • To improve student grades in barrier courses
  • To increase retention within barrier courses
  • To increase the graduation rates of students

Who are SI leaders?

SI leaders are students who have previously done well in the course and attend class lectures, take notes and act as model students.

Is SI free?

Yes! SI is a free service offered to all students registered in a targeted course.  

Who should attend SI?

All students are encouraged to attend SI sessions. SI is designed to target high-risk courses not high-risk students.  

What happens during an SI session?

SI sessions are informal review sessions that may include, development of organizational tools, and prediction of test items and/or comparison of notes.  Students learn study skills they can apply to any class.
The SI leader helps students make good use of their time and shares strategies he or she used to be successful in the course.  The SI leader will not re-lecture, give out copies of his or her notes, or help students with assigned homework. 

What courses are currently supported by SI?

The classes vary each semester.

Academic Coaching

Academic Coaching is a service in the Academic Support Center that is available to all students. Academic coaches meet individually with students to discuss strategies for academic success, with the most common topics being time management, test taking strategies, study skills, and goal setting. Your academic coach will work with you to identify the areas in which you would like to improve. If you are looking to get back on track after a difficult semester, trying to build your skills as a student, or think you could benefit from additional guidance and support, academic coaching could be a great resource for you! Appointments can be scheduled online or by visiting the Academic Support Center in Huber 107.



Appointments can be scheduled in person by visiting the ASC or via our web-based scheduling system. In addition to tutoring appointments, students can also schedule meetings for testing accommodations, Pathways coach meetings, academic coaching, and academic probation, or to meet with any ASC staff member.

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Monday 8am – 8pm
Tuesday 8am – 8pm
Wednesday 8am – 8pm
Thursday 8am – 8pm
Friday 8am – 4pm
Saturday 10am – 3pm
Sunday Closed

*These are regular hours during the semester. Holiday and Summer hours vary.

**Tutoring for online classes will vary and may be outside of these office hours.


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