Veterinary Technology Program Health Risks and Hazards

The veterinary technician profession may involve some potential health risks. The narrative below describes the potential dangers during training. We provide this information so that students can make an informed decision about participation in the veterinary technician program. Each student must read the statements below and sign the Informed Acknowledgement and Consent to Health Risks and Hazards associated with the profession before entry into the program.


Health Risks and Hazards in Veterinary Technology

This is a disclaimer to aid you in making an informed decision as to whether you should participate in the veterinary technician program, and accordingly, whether you should sign the Informed Acknowledgement and Consent to Health Risks and Hazards to enter this program.

Participation in the veterinary technician education and practice of animal health may involve injury, illness, or death to one's self or others. Such injury or illness can include, but is not limited to, biting, kicking, scratching, and other actions of animals, exposure to infectious disease, improper use of equipment or substances involved in the practice of animal health care, exposure to hazardous substances or radiation. Accidental injury may also occur in the clinical setting, or en route to or from a clinical experience site. Injury or illness can affect an individual's health or the health of their unborn child. Additionally, injuries or illness can impair an individual's general physical and/or mental health, and may impact the individual's future ability to earn a living, and/or engage in other business, social or recreational activities.

In addition to acknowledging health risks and hazards, applicant must be aware of their personal responsibility regarding matters of safety involving self, animals and others. It is the individual's responsibility to ask questions and learn as much as possible from faculty, staff, clinical experience site mentors, veterinary technicians or other relevant knowledgeable persons. Students must inform appropriate faculty of any personal relevant medical condition that might potentially pose hazards or risk to self or others. Individuals may be required to submit permission from their personal physician to participate in veterinary technician education activities.

Veterinary technicians must be capable of communicating with other persons and maneuvering animals and heavy equipment. Therefore, they must have adequate use of limbs and speech. They must also have the ability to remain mentally and physically alert to react to emergency situations, equipment malfunctions, and safety hazard warning techniques. Therefore, they must have the functioning ability to feel, see, hear, smell and perform in stressful situations. Every reasonable attempt will be made to accommodate disabilities. Persons who consider themselves to be disabled or in need of accommodations should contact the Office of Accessibility Services at the earliest possible date.

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