What are the requirements for transferring to Medaille College?

Students must meet the admission requirements for their chosen program. Credits from a regionally or nationally accredited institution may be eligible to transfer, provided that a grade of a D or better was earned. Transfer credits typically apply toward general education and elective categories. Contact an Enrollment Representative for more information specific to your background.


Transfer Credits

Medaille's transfer policy permits acceptance of credit earned at other regionally accredited colleges and institutions of higher learning. The acceptance of transfer credit for a core course which is over 20 years old will be determined by the department chair in consultation with appropriate department faculty. Students who wish to have credits earned at other institutions applied toward fulfillment of their course of study at Medaille should check with the Admissions Office for an evaluation of these credentials. Only credit is transferable; grades, quality points, and cumulative averages do not transfer.

  • A maximum of 90 credit hours may be transferred toward a baccalaureate degree from other regionally accredited institutions; however, no more than 72 hours may be transferred from two-year colleges.
  • A maximum of 45 credit hours toward an associate degree may be accepted in transfer from other regionally accredited institutions.
  • Only those credits applicable to the degree program entered are accepted.
  • S and grades from other institutions are accepted for transfer credit.


Transfer Students Holding an Associate Degree

  • Medaille College will ordinarily grant full credit (a minimum of 60 credits) for completed coursework to transfer students from two-year Colleges who have successfully earned an A.A. or A.S. degree. As necessary and appropriate, the College will grant credit for transfer courses with C- or D grades and will count the credits for these courses toward the completion of matriculation requirements.
  • In certain instances, College policy regarding an acceptable passing grade in a required and/or prerequisite course may necessitate that a student repeat a course in order to meet the minimum standard required of all Medaille students.


Transfer Students Without a Degree

  • In the area of a student's major program of study only grades of C or better are transferable.
  • Medaille may accept in transfer up to 12 credit hours of D grades as liberal arts electives or free electives provided that the overall transfer average is at least 2.0.


Current students seeking to apply credits from other institutions toward their Medaille degree should:

  • Bring the other institution's course description w/Medaille course equivalency request to Registrar's office for approval.
  • Upon completion, request an official transcript from the other institution to be sent to Medaille College, Registrar's Office.
  • Courses taken at another institution must be completed with a grade of C or better. Only credit is transferable; grades, quality points, and cumulative averages do not transfer.
  • Students may not have credit transferred for a course from another institution to replace a course in which a failing grade was submitted at Medaille.


International Transfer Students

Individuals who have attended an institution in a country other than the United States or Canada must obtain a complete evaluation of foreign transcripts, degrees, and other relevant documents. All necessary information for transfer students can be found on the Undergraduate Admissions International Students webpage.


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